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ed pubic area. Willie, calmed down a bit, says "Get my cock real sloppy Dlyan, I'm going to fuck you now." He was now real serious, I know Willie takes fucking seriously... hell, I was so anxious my boner was bobbing up and down between my levitra 20 mg legs as I drooled online levitra spit on his boner. Naturally I wish generic vardenafil he's use lube but Willie insist on doing me raw, no lube, just precum usually. At least he's letting me get vardenafil it slippery wet this time. "Alright, that's enough", he says. I look up at him to see him biting his lower levitra coupon lip, then licking it... "Get up on top of your bed, on your knees and forearms." I scampered up on my twin generic levitra online bed and got in position. Willie climbs up saying, "Get that pussy up higher" and I groaned inside my head thinking... there he goes with that stupid Larry-speak... calling my ass a pussy. 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Groaning and moaning, Willie mumbled, "Is that what you were levitra coupon looking for, Dylan? levitra generic Feel good, baby? Huh?" I just continued with the "Mmmmm" responses, my eyes lightly generic levitra closed as I enjoyed the aftershock of my climax. For me, the glow from a Willie fuck lasted a couple of minutes with my toes fluttering and a full body shudder and shake. My groin area and asshole tingled and the whole experience, it was all so good I wanted to cuddle into Willie's body. He helped that along by using his feet to pull my legs backward as he slowly levitra generic and carefully laid levitra 20mg down on my back keeping part of his semi-hard penis inside my ass. Once my torso was flat on the bed with Willie on my back, he got his arms under me and wrapped me up with my arms pinned to my body and then he rolled us up on our sides. Right away he finished wrapping me up tightly by online levitra encasing my legs in his. 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